Making an impact for your community or learning something new.

Team BVH or Barrow Village Hall [Management] Team are a group of local people who have come together to ensure that the Village Hall remains available to the community.  They challenge themselves, although a small group.  The team bring diverse qualities to our table from various roles and backgrounds. 

If you are up for helping out in anyway, why not send us a message via our contact page or click below.  

The team meet each month for approximately one hour.  The tasks our team do to run the hall are challenging in the current situation but very interesting and varied.  All members of the current team are happy to welcome newbee's interested in getting involved.


A quick overview of the areas the team look at and where you can fit in with us, see below:   


Administration; sounds boring but its far from it, this area covers - Management of the building; bookings, meet and greet of hirer's, accounts and marketing; 


Health and Safety; WOW, this is an interesting area which has many different aspects from building maintenance to health and safety policies; fire risk assessment and financial management.  Working closely with tradespeople.  And now Covid 19 care, cleaning and keeping up to date, an ever moving challenge for volunteers.


Forward planning / Future proofing; the best saved to last.  Inviting new people; business and groups to the hall.  If you have any interest or experience of fundraising; project management/even a small scale home project, you can help out here. 

The team are hoping to gain additional small & large scale funding for things such as; new kitchen; sound proofing; redecoration; upgrade to toilet facilities and building renovation and refurb.

So all in all lots of EXCITING things to get your teeth into, if you have a little free time and you want to get involved with your local community venue. 


Anyone can dip in and out, so small or large jobs can be completed and as much or as little time can be given, as you can spare.

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We have recently adopted the Hallmark Quality framework to ensure we meet all up to date targets for our hirer's.  Read more about Hallmark here